Important Notification

We regret to inform our users that RICOH DocTrace will be terminated on August 28, 2022 as service usage has decreased.

Schedule of Events

07-20-2022   New user will no longer be able to sign up.

07-29-2022   Plus-plan user will no longer be able to extend his/her contract.

08-28-2022   RICOH DocTrace will be terminated.

Send Traced Docs, Like a Boss.

Ricoh DocTrace lets you send traced documents securely and track who has seen them, easily. And it's free.

Protect your documents & know where they go

Do you ever have to share documents or contracts that you are worried might be copied or shown to someone else?

Now that everything is remote, meeting in person is sometimes just not possible, but sending files means they can be copied or end up in unintended places. Not with DocTrace.

Protect sensitive information & personal information with DocTrace.


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  • Share documents securely
  • Track confidential documents
  • Encrypted with DRM download & copy protection
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Detailed information

  • Trace viewing history
  • Breakdown with time, place, IP address, device & email
  • Centrally managed in the cloud so you can view it anywhere
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Ease of use

  • 3 simple steps to share
  • PDFs, Word, Excel & PowerPoint files
  • Subscription-based with 3 files free

A secure document sharing subscription service with traceability.

See the time, place, device and mail address of who accessed your PDFs, Word, Excel & PowerPoint files.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to send secure documents.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to send secure documents.

Know exactly who's peeped your PDFs... and other documents.

How do you select the right document security service or web app? Choose the one that is encrypted, uses DRM, lets you see the open and viewing history, as well as IP address and device type, AKA DocTrace.

Go nuts, trace as much as you want.

What's better than DocTrace? More DocTrace! With Plus you can get unlimited files.

We care about your privacy & data.

In order DocTrace to perform its function, the service collects the IP address, country location, device type & inspection time of viewed files. Your data is safe with us. Read our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy to learn exactly how that data is used.